Monday, August 26, 2013

Elecrtical Wiring Projects

So, I've  been doing ALOT of research on electrical wiring diagrams and codes so that I would be able to safely add a light or two or move or add an outlet every now and then without having to hire an electrician for every little job.  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

My first electrical project on this house was simply switching out the old outdoor fixtures for newer, updated ones.  Super-simple.  Here are before and after pictures.
This is the only "before" picture I have.  If  you look closely, you can see the old, brass, too-small, builder-grade fixtures.

Here is the "after" picture that shows the newer, lantern-style, bronze fixtures.  They look SO much better!  I love the new fixtures.

My second electrical project (and first wiring project) was adding a light to the reading nook in the boys' bedroom.  I wanted the light to be a ceiling fixture that had a pull chain.  Unfortunately, the only affordable ceiling fixtures with pull chains were hideous.  So, I added a pull chain to a standard ceiling fixture and wired the light from an existing outlet on the opposite wall (which meant not so much fun hanging out in the hot attic to runt he wire).  But, here is the final product.  It turned out really nicely.

My third electrical project was super-simple.  I think anyone could do it--it wasn't near as scary as one might think.  I simply removed the old light fixture from the old ceiling fan and added a new one (I also painted the old fan to match the new fixture and give it an updated look.  Here are the before and after pictures.  I'm very pleased with the results and saved a ton of money by using the fan I already had.
After painting and adding the new light fixture.

Before alterations of any kind (sorry, only pic I have of before)

My next electrical project was to add lights to the outside of the shed.  I put flood lights on the side of it so that we would have light on the firepit area of the yard at night.  And, I added a wall light to the front of the shed that matches the ones I put in on the house and give light to the driveway in front of the shed.  Here are some pictures of the lights I installed.

My latest electrical job has been on the second bedroom remodel that I am currently working on.  I wanted to add storage drawers and such to the existing window seat so I tore out the window seat in order to build a new one.  When I pulled it apart, I found a working outlet inside of it.  Because it can't be used if it can't be accessed, I decided to move the outlet above the window seat so it could be accessible and thus usable.  My son was excited when he saw it and said now he could use it to charge his Nook when he was laying in bed or reading on the window seat.  That was reward enough for me. 

I have also now added reading lights with pull chains above each bed in the second bedroom.  You can see one of them in the picture above.  I was quite a sight, pulling the wire in the attic and trying to squeeze my huge pregnant self down near the eve to drop the wire down the wall--had to spread my legs across the joists and lay my belly between them. I don't think there will be anymore attic climbing during this pregnancy.