Monday, September 30, 2013

Garden Bar-B-Que Party

So, we decided to have a block party in our back yard to get to know our neighbors a little better.  It was a success with a good 60+ people in attendance.  Well, a few days before the party I injured my shoulder, which meant I couldn't be remodeling.  This left me with WAY too much time to think about the party.  So, I decided to use that time to come up with some simple party decorations.  We had 0 budget for decorations, so I made some from what I had on hand (except for some disposable and vinyl table clothes I picked up--I had 5 tables to set as well as two food tables).  I set all the paper plate products on basket weave plate liners that I have.  Then, to continue the "earthy" theme, I weighted the paper products down with a rock on each plate that I pulled from our backyard (since I always have trouble with the wind catching the paper products and table cloths).  I washed each rock well and wrote "enjoy" on each rock.  I used several different "fonts".  I wanted to use a chalk pen to write on them, but soon found out that chalk pens are ridiculously expensive in a small town.  So, instead, I used an oil pastel I had on hand and then sealed each rock with spray polyurethane.  Then, I wanted to add a little color, so I snipped little sprigs of plats from throughout our yard and put one under each rock.  The previous owners of our house left a bunch of mason jars in the basement, so I ran them through the dishwasher and wrapped them with twine to use for glasses at each place setting.  I used the extra jars as vases for flowers I cut from our yard and set atop my wooden bread boards for a little more depth for each center piece.  I used some empty canned food cans to hold the utensils at each table.  I also made a few labels on the computer for various things.  Finally, I set up a "picnic" area for the kids to use that had a basket with all the paper products and utensils they would need.  I lined the basket with a pillowcase that matches the blanket I laid out to make it look more like a picnic basket.  I think it all turned out pretty cute for not costing anything.  What do you think?