Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nursery/Third Bedroom

So, I haven't finished the library yet, but with baby number 6 on the way, I thought I better get to work finally remodeling the third bedroom (which I had planned to do before the last baby but never got to), which will now need to accommodate the baby and another one of the kids in a tiny 10'x10' room!

Because space is scarce, I decided to use the space inside the wall for a built-in armoire, so that it doesn't project very far out into the already tiny room.  Once I complete the armoire, I can move much of the stuff from the closet into it and then begin demolition on the existing closet so I can build two closets with a nook between.

Here's how far I've gotten thus far:
Cut the hole in the wall.  Rerouted several wires, and painted the back of the drywall black.

Peg holes drilled for adjustable shelving and framing and crown and base trim built and installed.  I'm pretty proud of myself: it is a perfect fit.

Shelves cut and installed.  The bottom three in the center section will be drawers.  Studs are also wrapped to have a cleaner appearance in back of center section.  I didn't want to hide them completely and lose that precious space.
I have since added edge banding to the front of the plywood.  I have also build the drawer boxes.  I have also cut and routed the drawer fronts and begun on the door frames.  I will add pics when I get a chance.

Lots of updates.  See below
Doors and drawer fronts built.  Here they are just kind of sitting in place (with the step stool holding them up).
Drawer boxes built and frame stained.
Staining doors and drawer fronts.
Doors and drawer fronts sitting in place (again being propped up by the step stool)
Setting the glass mirrors in the side doors.

Door with glass installed.
Turned feet dry set in place (will install soon).
All the doors and drawer fronts ready to install.  Just discovered that the hinges I ordered arrived without any screws.  I am SO disappointed as I was very much looking forward to having the finished product done today.  There are no screws anywhere in town that are the right size so now I have to wait several days for the special order screws to arrive before I can be done.  :(

Removed the closet doors and tracks and all of the closet shelves to prepare for removing the wall and carpet and start building the new closets and nook.

Because I cannot install the doors yet, I had Cam hold them in place so you can get a general idea of the finished armoire.  It looks very pretty in person.  Can't wait until I can install the hinges and start using it!

Built-in ARMOIRE IS DONE!!!   Here are some pictures of the final product.

Now, onto the closets and nook . . .

UPDATE:  Humpty Dumpty tore down a wall . . . .
I DESPISE demolition day.  Drywall is so nasty.  But, the closet walls must come down in order to rebuild with the nook.

UPDATE:  Working on framing and installing the closets:
Ceiling and Back wall of nook installed.

Closet walls framed (now need to install the floors and tracks inside)
Next, will add the nightstand nook shelves in the nook walls, install floors int he closets with hidden storage, and add trim to the nook walls.  After that, I can install all the face trim, run wire for the light fixtures, and build the closet doors.

Update:  Face trim has been going up:

Update:  Brackets and baseboards installed:

UPDATE: Built the closet doors.  Here they are just dry fit into place:

UPDATE:  Primed and painted and installed doors.  Still need to add handles to doors, install the shelf behind the nook face, install the lights, stain the nightstand nooks, and install window trim.

UPDATE:  I've made alot of progress since I last posted . . . .

Installed the shelf behind the nook face trim.

Installed the shelf behind the nook face trim.

Installed the light fixtures.

Installed the light fixtures.

Stained the Nightstand nooks.

Stained the Nightstand nooks.

Brought the bed into the room.

Brought the bed into the room.

Now, all that is left is to install the shelves and clothes bars in the closets and make the canopy for the crib (and figure out something for a changing table.  I also need to add trim to the window.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt, so we'll have to see if I have the strength to do the window trim before the baby arrives.  I hope so, but if not, I will have to do that in the spring.  But, I will focus on the closets and crib before she arrives.

UPDATE:  Crib canopy
So, the baby is going to be here soon, and I am absolutely out of energy.  This means I will have to wait until Spring to add the window trim (which is sad to not have it totally done) and that the crib canopy is just a last-minute touch.  I had wanted to sew a cream colored ribbon binding along the edge, but that may need to wait until after the baby is born too.  So, in the mean time, I've just hung the fabric.  It still looks pretty though.

My friend, Mindee, made this beautiful little quilt for the crib.  I love it!

The room looks so much better as you enter it now.

The crib sits opposite the bed.